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Best Broadcast Hire (BBH) is a company with branches in Europe, Eastern Europe, The middle East and USA. Our mission is to provide technical equipment for HD digital film and TV productions. We are able to help you with any kind of productions. Please give us a call for a proposal to match your budget, and call or mail us for anything you would like to know more about.


Sony HDW-730S HDSDI HDCAM camera

Capture High Definition pictures on a Standard Definition budget

The case for shooting programme content in High Definition has never been so compelling. The cost, speed and quality advantages of HD over film for prestige productions are well documented. Now the economics of HD production for...


Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lenses

Super Wide Angle Aperture CFD AOV Weight EF PL F MFT
CP.2 18mm/T3.6* T3.6 – 22 0.3 69° 900 g

Wide Angle ZE ZF ZF.2
CP.2 25mm/T2.9 T2.9 – 22 0.17 52.2° 900 g
CP.2 35mm/T2.1 T2.1 - 22 0.3 38.5° 1000 g

Standard ZE ZF ZF.2
CP.2 50mm/T2.1 T2.1 – 22...


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