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Best Broadcast Hire (BBH) is a company with branches in Europe, Eastern Europe, The middle East and USA. Our mission is to provide technical equipment for HD digital film and TV productions. We are able to help you with any kind of productions. Please give us a call for a proposal to match your budget, and call or mail us for anything you would like to know more about.


Panasonic AJ-HPX2100 HD camera

HD Camera with High Image Quality and High Sensitivity
HD Progressive 2/3 3-CCD System
High sensitivity of F10 (at 2000 lux) Minimum illumination of 0032 lux (at+62dB gain)
14-bit A/D processing and improved digital image processing technology
12-pole linear matrix color...


Panasonic AG-HPX500 Memory Card Camera-Recorder

The AG-HPX500 Memory Card Camera-Recorder
Superior Recording Quality in Both HD and SD.
Broadcasters and video professionals all around the world have already joined the P2 revolution. Now this advanced technology is available to even more professional videographers.

The AG-HPX500...


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