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Best Broadcast Hire (BBH) is a company with branches in Europe, Eastern Europe, The middle East and USA. Our mission is to provide technical equipment for HD digital film and TV productions. We are able to help you with any kind of productions. Please give us a call for a proposal to match your budget, and call or mail us for anything you would like to know more about.


Progear HMI-80

The worlds smallest 10W HMI sungun.
And even though it only weighs 250 gram, Progear HMI 80 is by far the most resiliant sungun on the marked today.
It is CNC milled in lightweight aluminium, all parts manufactured with professionel use in mind.
The Progear HMI 80 kit includes; lamp house,...


Audio Limited TX2040 transmitter

The new Control-X unit is a unique device, designed by Audio to control the TX2040 transmitter. Control-X uses electromagnetic induction to enable the transmitter to be controlled remotely. As long as the Control-X handset is within 20cm (8 ins), the transmitter can be switched on and off,...


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